The Republic’s Couriers March 19, 2019

Anastasiia Turusinova, Worldfilm blog team

Paris is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. Capital of fashion, city of love, it has famous cuisine and hosts millions of tourists from all over the world each year. When we think about life in this magical city, we imagine beautiful routine of waking up to fresh croissant and coffee every day, putting on your beret on the way to work through sunny streets of Paris.
Badredine Haouari is here to ruin your perfect picture and tell you a story of youngsters that sweat to death every day working in food delivery services. They surrounded by beauty, but do not notice it as they have to work hard in order to survive. “The Republic’s Couriers” highlights the gap between one’s expectations about life in the capital of France and reality. If you want to enjoy some French language and have insights on competition in food delivery business, make sure to come at ERM at 10:00 on Wednesday 20.03.

"The Republic’s Couriers" dir. Badredine Haouari, 33 min, France