Harbour of the Past March 19, 2019

Anastasiia Turusinova, Worldfilm blog team

It is interesting how some places on Earth are really persistent to any changes. It seems that time has stopped there, and day/season/year is completely irrelevant to this small local environment. In a warm short film done by Lotte Haase you will see how one of these places is maintained.
In “Harbour of the Past” you can follow a day in life of one of the districts in Amsterdam. It has cozy old trams, flea markets and old people greeting each other. Today this place still exists, but it has found itself under the pressure of real estate agents that see it as a good potential market. Come to ERM at 12 p.m. on Wednesday 20.03 to enjoy the atmosphere of the frozen past before it gets destroyed.

"Harbour of the Past" dir. Lotte Haase, 19 min, The Netherlands