Festival guide: The place of women March 21, 2017

Sub-program on women, strength and vulnerability

There are many men in the world of the documentary film, both behind and in front of the camera. This time, the program team outlined a set of stories, which protagonists are women with their strength, knowledge, but also skills to survive. We brought these stories together under the title „The place of women“. It is clear, that gender is destiny also in contemporary world. Sometimes, women are able to trick the gender and live their life according to their principles and beliefs, but there are also many places and circumstances, where girls face dangers which threaten specifically them and it would have been easier to be born as a boy.

  • Heaps of Love screening on Tuesday 18:30, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Child Mother screening on Wednesday at 12:00, World Film screening room
  • On the platform screening on Wednesday at 20:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Sacred Water screening on Wednesday at 20:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Valentina screening on Thursday 14:00, World Film screening room  
  • Cousin Madenn screening on Friday at 15:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Vivian, Vivian screening on Saturday at 12:00, Jakob Hurt Hall
  • Life To Come screening on Saturday at 18:15, Jakob Hurt Hall