Worldfilm Appetisers on ETV2 March 20, 2010

Each night this week ETV2 has been showing one film from last year's festival. Those who couldn't see the films during the week can still see a repetition of three of them tonight, starting at 19:45. Organise your own armchair festival at home and get a taste of the festival.

We asked some Estonian specialists to introduce and comment on the films for the TV, but in the festival hall next week you can ask questions and discuss the films directly with the film authors themselves. My previous visits to Worldfilm have proven that these discussions add many colours to the films. Worlds and thoughts that arrive in Tartu will not stay on the screen but will also reflect from hundreds of other worlds and thoughts amongst the spectators. Fun.

Appetisers tasted, time to go for the main course.

Piibe Kolka