60 new documentaries from 30 countries March 16, 2018

The 15th World Film Festival takes place from March 19-24 at the Estonian National Museum. The programme includes works by both documentary gurus and young filmmakers.
"It seems to me, though, that in this world where films and documentaries are only a click away from us, film festivals are becoming increasingly important. Festivals enable to step out from the everyday routine and stay for a while in this space created specifically for highlighting wonderful, thoughtful and sometimes slightly smirking film stories," said Pille Runnel, the festival director.

World Film Festival's programming continues to rely on visual anthropology and academic background of many of the filmmakers. In the program, artistic and academic knowledge and approach to the world meet in a fruitful way, thus creating a ground for public debates.

Throughout the years, the festival has remained the place for watching these stories, which the mainstream media often does not screen, and stories that are not found online withouth a search. It is also a place where the visitors can meet many filmmakers and a place, where many memorable conversations happen.
The films are screened in Jakob Hurt and World Film Halls at the ENM (2, Museum Rd., Tartu; A-entrance). Sessions that screen during workdays until 4.30 p.m. are free of charge and only with English subtitles.
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World Film Festival culminates with the sound and dusk festival ERMi ÖÖ on Saturday, March 24 at 7.30 p.m. that brings Myrra Rós (IS), trio Mikita/Jürjendal/Kirikmäe and mixed choir K.O.O.R (ET), Vaiko Eplik (ET), Verde (FI) etc. to the different stages in the museum.
World Film Festival is organized by the Estonian National Museum and NGO World Film Society. Supporters: Estonian Film Institute, the Culture Department of Tartu city government, design studio Fraktal, Tartu Elektriteater, NGO Mondo, the Embassy of France etc.