"Mediating culture through film. Conversations and Reflections on Filmmaking at Tartu Worldfilm Festival"

This volume celebrates the fifth anniversary of World Film Festival (2008),  containing a set of texts and articles about the topics, handled at previous festivals, as well as texts documenting the festival itself. World Film Festival is a meeting point of various forms of documentary and anthropological filmmaking and also an arena for representation of different cultures of the world, having its more pragmatic, contemplative and more entertaining and adventurous sides.

The book is suitable for the students in the respective study areas, as well as to the people, interested in documentary film making in Estonia, as a selection of texts is focused specifically on Estonian documentary film. Round table transcriptions and discussions cover the works of outstanding visual anthropological filmmakers. 

You can download the book here: Worldfilmbook.pdf


Introduction, Pille Runnel

Estonian Documentary Films on Northern Peoples at 1980s and 1990s, Eva Toulouze, Pille Runnel

The Man with the Microphone and Camera in Soviet Estonia, Lauri Kärk

Roundtable on Documentary Film-making in Soviet Estonia

Roundtable on Estonian Documentary Film-making: Estonian Narratives

Criteria for documentary film, Andres Maimik

Respect the Moment! A Retrospective of the Cinematographic Work of Gary Kildea, Peter I. Crawford
Asen Balikci: "I'm not an Ethnographic Filmmaker", Liivo Niglas

A Tribute to John Marshall, Pille Runnel

Conversation with John Marshall

Retrospective of John Marshall

Robert Gardner, Pille Runnel

Retrospective of Robert Gardner

Jean Rouch Anthropological Filmmaking in Dialogue, Anne Mette Jorgensen

Workshop on Ethnofictions, Johannes Sjöberg

The Arctic Cinema: Representation and Reception Across Borders, Kristin Kuutma

Films at Worldfilm Programme 2004-2007